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Window Tinting – What commercial property managers, building owners, and facility engineers need to know.

Window Tinting for Commercial Buildings – One Solution that Yields Many Benefits

If you are an owner or manager of a commercial property, you have a lot on your plate. Keeping expenses down, tenants happy, and the property in top shape are just a few.

And, the last few years in a pandemic economy haven’t made life easier. Property security, health concerns, dramatic shifts in leasing demand, and the call for more sustainable environments have made commercial property management more challenging than ever.

So, how can you increase the operational ROI of your property without sacrificing quality or large capital improvement expenditures?

The solution may be easier than you think.

Big Benefits of Window Tinting for Commercial Buildings

Window tinting has many benefits for commercial properties resulting in short and long-term added value for your property assets and tenants.

Here are seven big benefits of window tinting for commercial buildings:

1)   Save Energy & Reduce Utility Costs

Results vary based on climate, but studies show that the average commercial building loses up to 33% of its energy through the windows. For buildings with lots of windows, this can make a substantial dent in your energy efficiency as the HVAC struggles to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the building. Harsher climates can cause the loss worse, not to mention the maintenance cost associated with an HVAC constantly running in places like Texas!

The Department of Energy considers quality window film a top-tier technology for energy conservation with savings of 19 kWh per square foot of glass.  Adding a layer of our insulating window tint film can potentially save up to 78% of the energy lost to the summer heat, which could save you up to 10% on your energy bills.

A high-quality film such as 3M insulating window film helps keep that summer heat and winter chill out, maintaining your building at a desirable temperature. No longer will the HVAC system be constantly whirring and straining to keep up with your thermostat demands. The Department of Energy estimates that tinting commercial building windows can yield a payback in as little as three years.

2)   Enhance Sustainability Efforts

The call for increased sustainability for commercial environments has been in the news a lot over the last few years. As property owners and managers think about reducing the carbon emissions of their building operations without breaking the bank, window tinting is the solution favored by many.

Tinting commercial building windows helps reject the sun’s heat to reduce energy consumption. And tinting existing windows keeps them out of the landfill and saves on capital expenses. 3M™ Window Films installed by a certified professional like Epic Solar Control can become carbon negative in as little as six months. They may also help qualify for LEED credits for even more significant savings.

3) Keep Tenants Comfortable to Increase Retention

One of the most significant drawbacks of bare windows is localized hot spots near windows that make for an untenable work environment. This is typically addressed by shifting workspaces well away from the windows or adding window blinds that block out the highly desired natural light.

Window film helps reject 79% of the sun’s heat and blocks glare while letting visible light through. This enables building owners and managers to reduce energy costs while keeping tenants comfortable and happy.

4)   Protect Assets & Tenant Health by Reducing Harmful UV Exposure

UV rays are invisible parts of the light spectrum that freely pass through regular windows. Prolonged exposure can negatively affect the health of your employees by impairing wound healing, damaging DNA, and UV rays are associated with 90% of all skin cancers, according to the Archives of Dermatology.

UV rays can also damage your company’s assets. Continuous exposure to the sun’s radiation causes accelerated aging and fading of furniture, floor coverings, and wall coverings.

Tinted windows with 3M Window films reject 78% of solar heat and 99% of harmful UV rays to help protect your assets and your tenant’s health.

5)   Give Your Building a Facelift

Attracting new tenants and retaining existing tenants is critical to your business. But exteriors that appear dated or out-of-style lose their appeal to prospective tenants. Replacing the glass on older buildings can be extremely expensive, time-consuming, and disruptive.

Exterior window film can transform the exterior of older buildings with a sleek and modern look without undergoing a large construction or capital improvement project.

6) Protect your Building and Tenants with Security Film

Buildings with floor-to-ceiling windows are highly desired as workspaces but also present a unique security issue since glass can be easily compromised. Security window films such as 3M’s Ultra Prestige Commercial Security Film provide all the benefits of solar control plus help protect against break-ins, vandalism, and even bomb blasts.

Safety and security tinting for commercial windows helps building owners and managers reduce risks with an added layer of tear-resistant film and micro-layered technology that keeps broken glass in place and adds protection from unwanted impacts.

7) Enhance Interiors with Decorative and Privacy Film

Do your tenants need a little extra privacy or customization of their interior office space? Minimize renovation and build-out expenses, plus shorten project time with window films designed exclusively to add visual impact. Decorative window films help transform plain glass with many options for colors, opacity, and designs. Even created branded spaces with the look of cut or textured glass.

Privacy window film helps create private space without sacrificing natural light. With numerous finishes and opacities, tenants can feel secure without feeling contained.

Are you a commercial building owner or property manager looking to improve your building and not sure where to start? Give Epic Solar Control a call and let our experts provide a free consultation and energy audit to help you get started.

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