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Energy Audit for Commercial Buildings

Is your building leaking excessive energy
& hurting your bottom line?

Free Commercial Energy Audit

Balancing energy savings with tenant comfort is tricky.

If you are like many building owners and managers, high energy costs make up a substantial portion of your operating budget. Keeping tenants comfortable while minimizing energy costs can be a tricky balance. What’s more, in an effort to increase sustainability many cities and states are tightening restrictions on energy consumption compelling building owners and managers to find energy-saving solutions.

Energy audits are the first step to reducing energy expenses.

A commercial building energy audit is often the first step in making your building more efficient by benchmarking your current energy consumption and analyzing the ROI of potential improvements.

Our expert energy professionals will provide a comprehensive, on-site analysis of your building’s energy consumption footprint. During the audit process, we’ll identify valuable energy-saving opportunities, as well as an evaluation of savings based on window film installation.

Energy-saving window film recommended by the
Department of Energy.

According to the US Department of Energy, windows account for up to 28% of a building’s cooling costs in the summer and nearly 40% of a building’s heat loss in colder weather. A study published by CONSOL Energy along with the US Department of Energy recommends building envelope optimizations such as window tinting as a key solution for providing the greatest ROI considering the relatively low cost, fast payback, and ease of implementation.

Energy-saving window films from 3M reduce the temperature in direct sunlight by as much as nine degrees, creating a reduction in energy costs, improving the comfort of interior spaces, and protecting the building’s interior floors & furniture from damaging UV rays.

Energy-Saving Window Film | DOE Charts | Epic Solar Control study showing the energy efficiency upgrade cycle on the left and a comparison of building interior temperature with and without window film on the right.

Know Your Score!

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Energy Audit & Energy-Saving Window Film Benefits

Start reducing energy consumption today – with a Commercial Building Energy Audit and 3M Window Film from Epic Solar Control recommended based on the results of your building audit.

  • Reduce electricity bills as much as 10%
  • Enhance tenant comfort and retention
  • See a payback in as short as 3 years
  • Earn L.E.E.D. points
  • Qualify for energy rebates from your utility provider
  • Increase your Energy STAR Portfolio Manager score
  • Lower building ownership & operating costs
  • Increase the value of building assets
  • Promote environmental stewardship

Ready to find out how much you can reduce your energy costs?