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School Safety Window Film

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School safety window film

A cost-effective way to increase safety, reduce vulnerabilities, and promote an environment conducive to learning.

As an educator and school administrator, you spend much of your day focused on the wellbeing of your students and staff. School safety is a topic that weighs heavily into this conversation in communities and school districts across the nation. And for a good reason. Since 2013, there have been over 200 school shootings in the United States, with 2018 being the deadliest year of all.

3M™ Safety window film by Epic Solar Control can help provide a critical layer of protection for your school — without breaking your schedule or budget.

Recent School Safety Window Film Projects

Princeton ISD School Safety Window Film

Princeton ISD School Safety Window Film

Paris ISD School Safety Window Film

Paris ISD School Safety Window Film

La Vega ISD School Safety Window Film

La Vega ISD School Safety Window Film

Graford ISD School Safety Window Film

Graford ISD School Safety Window Film

Bland ISD School Safety Window Film

Bland ISD School Safety Window Film

Avery ISD School Safety Window Film

Avery ISD School Safety Window Film

Anna ISD School Safety Window Film

Anna ISD School Safety Window Film

As an awarded BuyBoard, TIPS-USA & Choice Partners vendor, Epic Solar Control window tinting services are available to schools at discounted rates, and without a lengthy RFP process.
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How can safety window film help protect your school?


Safety and Security window film is significantly more cost-effective than replacing all windows and doors, adding bulletproof glass, or wire-reinforced glass.

Fortifies vulnerable
entry points

The micro-layered, tear-resistant film holds broken glass together, hindering intruders from entering through broken glass and gaining extra time for response teams.

Mitigates dangers of
broken glass

Protects people and property from flying glass shards during blasts or weather-related events by holding broken glass in place to prevent injuries.

Promotes positive
learning environment

The optical clarity of safety window film and numerous tint options allow natural light in to stimulate creativity and productivity for students and staff.

Reduces energy consumption
& utility costs

Combine safety window film with Sun Control tinting options to reduce glare, reject heat and UV rays while reducing heating and cooling costs.

Quick & Simple

Installation in most schools can happen in just a few days and can be applied over existing glazing by certified installer such as Epic Solar Control.

Options for increasing safety in
our schools and universities

With a heightened sense of urgency, schools have been increasing school security initiatives at a rapid pace. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, these initiatives include controlled access, security cameras, enhanced identification badges, metal detectors, and the addition of armed enforcement officers and SROs among the top.

But many administrators struggle with balancing these extra safety measures with their mission of facilitating a positive learning environment, maintaining open access, and adhering to strict budgets.

Safety window films recommended by the Federal Commission on School Safety.

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Recommended products for school safety

Safety Series

  • Offers basic safety and security
  • Mitigates hazards from shattered glass
  • Use for internal or external applications
  • Available in clear or combine with sun control tints


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Ultra Series

  • Upgraded level of safety and security
  • Added protection from bomb blasts, forced entry, active shooter, severe wind, and earthquakes
  • 42 micro-layers of tough, tear-resistant film for added protection
  • Better performance than polyester film
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Ultra Prestige

  • Highest performance of 3M safety films
  • Combines safety and security protection of Ultra Series with Sun Control properties
  • Allows up to 70% of visible light into school for an enhanced environment
  • Reduces energy use, rejects heat & UV
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Impact Protection System

  • Bonds safety-filmed window to the frame to prevent dislodging if the glass is broken
  • Two-part system
  • Combine with safety film for the ultimate level of protection


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Why choose Epic Solar Control for your school's safety window film?

Epic Solar Control is an authorized 3M certified dealer serving the North Dallas area. But we’re much more than that.

Chris Eder is a safety and security film expert that has partnered with industry experts around the world to develop and advance safety and security film applications. You might recognize some of his work – The United States White House, The Ambassador’s Residence, as well as buildings such as the FOB, DOD, EPA, and more.

What’s more, Chris and his wife, Kelly Eder, have children attending North Texas schools. They understand the paramount nature of school safety and are partnering with school districts in Texas to make sure Texas schools, students, and educators are safe. Read more about Epic Solar Control.

Commercial Window Tinting | White House | Epic Solar Control
Chris Eder | Epic Solar Control | North Texas
Kelly Eder | Epic Solar Control | Residential & Commercial Window Tinting

How do Safety & Security Films Work?

  • The combination of window film plus a strong adhesive forms a protective membrane on the glass.
  • The film is applied on the interior side of the glass, opposite of the attack face, and protected from the elements.
  • School safety window film does not prevent the glass from breaking, but it does help hold broken glass fragments together.
  • Optional film attachment protection systems are applied along the perimeter of the window to anchor the film to the window frame.
  • Safety window film forces the intruder to create an opening in the center of the broken glass to enter, thus giving responders precious additional time.

Special Note: 3M Safety & Security Window Films provide an added level of protection for schools and universities. Safety films are designed to slow down intruders, and give first responders additional time. Safety window films are not bulletproof or bullet-resistant.

School safety window tinting through
cooperative purchasing agreements

Are you a member of a cooperative purchasing group such as BuyBoard or TIPS-USA?


As an awarded vendor, Epic Solar Control can help your school get your project completed with cooperative discounts – and faster implementation. Cooperative purchasing agreements help public schools, municipalities, county governments, and nonprofits leverage volume discounts on needed services.

And, because vendors are vetted for quality and price competitiveness before being accepted as an awarded contract vendor, schools valuable save time and resources on the RFP process.

Epic Solar Control is proud to be an approved vendor
for these cooperative purchasing groups.

School Safety Window Film | BuyBoard -TIPS - Choice Partners Approved Vendor | Epic Solar Control

Cooperative purchasing agreement help schools:

  • Realize volume-purchasing savings for services
  • Reduce the RFP time and get your project completed quicker
  • Provide a compliant and transparent process for purchasing
  • Reduce administrative costs for vendor selection and RFP process

Not sure where to start?

Whether you are a current member and unsure where to start, or want help becoming a member, Epic Solar Control can help! Give us a call today to set up a free consultation. We’ll walk you through the process and help you complete the documentation to help get your school safety window film started – and completed quickly and cost-effectively.

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Finding the right window film to fit your needs isn’t complicated when you have an expert in your corner. Epic Solar Control is a premiere 3M™ Authorized Dealer. And, we’ll help you select the energy saving window film that best fits your space and style.