Graford ISD School Safety Window Film | Epic Solar Control

Concerned about the safety and security of school students, faculty, and staff, Graford ISD partnered with Epic Solar Control to install School Safety Window Film. To help cover the cost and installation of the project, Graford utilized school safety grants. Many school districts are turning to 3M Safety & Security Window Films to:

  • Enhance safety & security by adding an additional layer of protection
  • Help prevent forced entry by holding broken glass together
  • Help buy precious time by slowing down intruders, allowing more time for response teams, and activation of safety protocols
  • Prevent injuries from broken glass by holding shattered glass together
  • Help reduce energy consumption & utility costs when used with Sun Control window films

Benefits of utilizing Epic Solar Control for 3M School Safety & Security Window Film Installation include:

  • Grant Funding may be available through national & local School Safety Programs
  • Epic Solar Control is an awarded BuyBoard & TIPS-USA vendor with discounted pricing & a simple RFP process
  • Guaranteed specification & estimation process the first time, no surprises
  • Flexible scheduling around school requirements & quick installation
  • 100% guaranteed work covered by exclusive 3M Warranty