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Window Film

Keep your tenants comfortable, and you’ll keep them long-term.

Are your commercial building tenants comfortable?


Sun-blocking window films increase the comfort of tenants -- and reduce your energy costs.

Is your building hot in the summer and cold in the winter? Nothing hurts tenant retention like an uncomfortable building. You can keep your tenants more comfortable by rejecting the sun’s heat to help keep spaces at more even, moderate temperatures with 3M™ Sun Control Window Film by Epic Solar Control.

Application of 3M™ Sun Control Window Film is much less expensive – and faster– than window replacements. And, the results rival or match the performance and appearance of new glass.

Installing a low emissivity, or “Low E,” window film can help improve the insulation value of a typical single-pane window close to that of a double-pane window, and of a double-pane close to that of a triple-pane.

Happy tenants and utility savings – everyone wins.

Reject the sun’s heat up to

Reduce or eliminate
excessive heat.

Improve tenant comfort, improve tenant retention.

Hot spots can make a work environment nearly unbearable. 3M™ Sun Control Window Films allow in visible light while rejecting the sun’s heat.

Reduce excessive cold.

Keep them comfortable all year long.

Did you know that a window can lose as much as 20X more heat in the winter than the same area in an adjacent wall? 3M™ Low-E Window Films help provide increased insulation performance by retaining heat during the winter and cool air during the summer so that you can increase tenant comfort year-round.

Reduce glare.

The difference between blinding light and natural light...

Let in natural light while blocking the annoying glare that comes with it by installing 3M™ Sun Control Window Film. Your tenants won’t have to avoid areas of the building or struggle to view their monitors at certain times of day, so they can get their work done with less eyestrain and discomfort.

Ready to increase tenant comfort and reduce utility costs?

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Everyone benefits from added comfort.

Building owners, tenants, customers, architects, energy consultants and glass manufacturers can count on the comfort that 3M™ Sun Control Window Films can provide.


  • Keep students more comfortable so they can focus on schoolwork
  • Reduce glare off computer screens, whiteboards and televisions

Office Buildings

  • Increase tenant comfort
  • Reduce complaints
  • Improve tenant retention


  • Increase customer comfort
  • Reduce glare

Glass Fabricators

Reduce solar heat gain with tinted, reflective or high-clarity (VLT) solar control glass solutions.

Energy Consultants

Conserve energy and save on heating and cooling costs year-round by reducing hot spots, rejecting solar heat, and reducing glare.


As you design and retrofit commercial space, 3M Window Films are a cost-effective way to help ensure tenant comfort and reduce building utility costs.


  • Improve guest comfort
  • Show off great views by leaving blinds open
  • Worry less about hot, uncomfortable guest rooms
  • Reduce glare on TV and computer screens


  • Increase patient comfort
  • Reduce heating and cooling costs
  • Get the benefits of natural light in healing
  • Reduce glare and cut harmful UV rays


  • Improve tenant retention
  • Increase tenant comfort
  • Reduce complaints
  • Reduce utility costs

What's your perfect shade?

Seeing is believing. Compare the look and amount of light allowed through different 3M™ Window Films from Epic Solar Control.
Tint Simulator - Check it Out!

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Finding the right window film to fit your needs isn’t complicated when you have an expert in your corner. Epic Solar Control is a premiere 3M™ Authorized Dealer. And, we’ll help you select the energy saving window film that best fits your space and style.