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New School Safety Mandate:
Security Window Film Now Required

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Updated: November 26, 2023


Is your school district ready for the deadline?

Mass shootings and violence in our schools have received immense attention lately. And rightfully so. After nineteen children and two adults were killed in May of 2022 at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, leaders put a plan into action. With the $400M emergency funding requested from Governor Greg Abbott in October, the TEA responded to the charge to reinforce school campuses by establishing a minimum level of safety requirements for all Texas schools.

On November 3, 2022, the TEA released a proposed amendment to School Safety Standards requiring the installation of security window film at all Texas schools and supporting grant opportunities. The School Safety Standards in 19 TAC §61.1031 were adopted on May 31, 2023.

Since the adoption of the School Safety Standards Rule (19 TAC §61.1031) in May, important legislative and TEA updates occurred which impact school operations, funding, and deadlines.

Texas Legislative Updates: School Safety– On September 1, 2023, House Bill 3 of the 88th Texas Legislative Session became law in Texas. Approved legislative rulings include increased budgets and school safety grants, more authority for TEA, Active Shooter Plans, Armed Security Guards, and more. Read more > School Safety Legislative Updates

School Safety Grant & Funding Updates– Senate Bill 30, Section 4.02 was approved during the Texas 88th Legislature and appropriated $1.1 Billion to help schools satisfy safety requirements. New Safety and Facilities Enhancement (SAFE) grants are available. Read more about updates to the 2022-2025 School Safety Standards Formula Grant, the 2023-2025 SAFE Grants, and other available grants.

What Texas Schools Need to Know about the School Safety Standards Rule

The mandate aims to implement school safety requirements to ensure a safe and secure environment in Texas public schools. At the heart of the amendment are security measures that prevent breaches.

What’s Included: Security Window Film for all Entry Doors & Adjacent Windows

According to the TEA’s proposed amendment, “Unless inside an exterior secured area, doors constructed of glass or containing glass shall be constructed or modified such that the glass cannot be easily broken and allow an intruder to open or otherwise enter through the door (for example, using forced entry-resistant film).”

Regarding windows, the amendment requires modifications to all ground-level windows adjacent to or near an exterior door if the window’s size and position permit a breach.

Additionally, schools are required to perform regular maintenance checks twice a year and provide remediation for any deficiencies in reinforced windows and doors.

Deadlines for School Safety Upgrades are Fast Approaching

Schools must certify that requirements are met within the 2023-2024 school year, illustrating the urgency in implementing the new school safety mandate. Provisional certification may be available if the school has procured a contractor** and provides a final timeline for completing all work by August 31, 2024*.

*Note: The current posted version of 19 TAC §61.1031 has a new certification requirement date of August 31, 2024. While we haven’t seen an official communication from TEA on this date change, we will work to confirm details and post updates as they become available.

**Before you select a contractor for security window film installation, read this important information about the installation of breach-resistant security film.

[New: Texas Legislative Updates– November, 2023]
[New: Grant Updates for Texas Schools]
[Read this detailed article for a complete review of the proposed mandate and information on additional grant opportunities.]

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Funding for Schools:

2022-2025 School Safety Standards Formula Grants

To help school districts fund the security upgrades required by School Safety Standards Rule, the State of Texas released an additional $400 Million in grant funds to be administered by the TEA. The 2022-2025 Safety Standards Formula Grant is available to all Local Educational Agencies (LEAs), including Public School Districts and Open-Enrollment Charter Schools with at least one student enrollment.

Important Details about the 2022-2025 Safety Standards Formula Grant:

  • Grant ID #23039601
  • Additional $400 Million in grant funds
  • No cost sharing or match requirements
  • Grants are formula-based on a per-pupil amount
  • Every LEA is entitled to a minimum of $200,000
  • Application due date was August 1, 2023

See the 2022-2025 Safety Standards Formula Grant resource links in the sidebar for more information.

2023-2025 Safety and Facilities Enhancement (SAFE) Grants

The 88th Texas Legislature appropriated $1.1 billion with the passing of Senate Bill 30, Section 4.02.  From this approved funding, TEA will administer $800M in Cycle 1 SAFE Grants.

Cycle 1 of the SAFE Grant is provided to schools who have applied for the 2022-2025 School Safety Standards Formula Grant and have certified they are NOT in compliance with the adopted school safety standards in Section B of the 2022-2025 School Safety Standards Formula Grant application.

Important Details about the 2023-2025 SAFE Grant:

  • Grant ID #23039701
  • Cycle 1- $800 million in grant funds
  • Provided to applicants of 2022-2025 School Safety Standards Formula Grant and have not certified compliance with the facility requirements
  • Needs Assessment- September 21, 2023 required completion
  • Grant Application due date- January 8, 2024

See the 2023-2025 SAFE Grant resource links in the sidebar for more information.

Critical Fact: Not All Security Window Film is Compliant

Doors and windows represent the most vulnerable entry points for schools. The new school safety standards explicitly state that entry doors and windows must be reinforced with breach or entry-resistant film. But not all security window film is specifically designed for this purpose.

Not All Security Window Films are Created Equal

Many security or safety window films protect against bomb blasts and impact damage, but only one security film on the market is designed specifically for breach resistance and active shooter situations, which is a requirement of the new mandate.

3M Ultra 800 – the only Breach-Resistant Security Film

3M Ultra 800 is superior to all other safety films for entry-resistant protection. Provided and installed by Epic Solar Control, the 3M Ultra 800 is manufactured with 200 layers of micro-woven laminate to provide ultimate tear-resistance protection to delay intruders and give first responders more time. The video to the right illustrates the superior qualities of 3M’s Ultra 800 in an active shooter or breach situation.

3M Ultra 800 from Epic helps protect against:

  • Forced entry, breach attempts
  • Bomb blasts
  • Impact damage from natural weather disasters
  • Harmful UV rays
  • Combines with the 3M Impact Protection Attachment System for additional safety

Critical Fact: Your Choice of Security Film Contractor Matters

With the news of the proposed school safety amendment and additional grant funding, window tinters poured into Texas from around the country, hoping to capture a share of the funding.

But, can you trust any window film installer for your school?


Not All Window Film Companies are Created Equal

Security Window Film is unique and specialized.

Security window film is a complex, multi-layer process that requires specialized skills and tools. Most window tinting companies try to install security window film using the same process and tools as standard commercial window film.

While the film may ‘look’ okay when installed, utilizing standard window tinting techniques will actually create deficiencies in the security film’s ability to resist breaches and delay the entry of intruders. Unfortunately, these deficiencies appear after the window tinting company has left, leaving schools exposed to unnecessary risk.

Epic is a Certified Security Window Film Expert.

As a pioneer in the security film industry, Epic helped set the standards for security film installation by utilizing proprietary installation processes and tools that ensure exceptional performance and long-term durability. Epic’s certified security window film installers undergo rigorous training that results in superior workmanship.

Epic is a Local Company with Home-Grown Ethical Standards

We’re neighbors. And our kids attend Texas schools.  We understand the critical need to enhance safety and security at our schools, and we’re wholly committed to helping your school district protect your students and staff.

To us, integrity and quality matter – because our kids and schools matter.

Top 3M Prestige Dealer, Woman-Owned Business & Relationship-Focused  

Epic is an award-winning, nationally-recognized 3M Authorized Prestige dealer. And we’re committed to earning your trust with unsurpassed workmanship, insightful guidance, and outstanding customer support. We provide fair pricing, install what we quote, and do everything possible to ensure your project is successful.

More Cooperative Purchasing Partnerships – Less Stress on Schools  

The procurement process for schools can be daunting and time-consuming. But Epic makes it easier on you as a pre-vetted and approved contractor for more cooperative purchasing programs than any other security window film company. Through the power of cooperative purchasing, Epic’s knowledgeable staff can help you reduce costs, eliminate tedious process steps, and shorten end-to-end project timelines.

Certified Safety & Security Window Film Expert | Epic Security Window Tinting, Film & Graphics

Cooperative Purchasing Programs

As a member of many cooperative purchasing programs, Epic can help your school take advantage of every program dollar, save money, save time, and ensure compliance.

Epic Security Window Film & Tinting | School Cooperative Contract Awards

Epic is proud to be the Security Window Film Partner of Choice for these fine schools.

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Epic is proud to serve school districts across Texas. And we would be honored to help your school district enhance the safety and security of your campus, staff, and students.