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Energy Efficiency- What facility managers and building operators should know to reduce energy costs with envelope improvements

The need for greater energy efficiency in commercial buildings escalates

Reducing utility costs for commercial properties is always a concern for facility managers, building owners, and property managers. But now, there are even more reasons for stakeholders to think about creative solutions for reducing energy consumption without breaking the operating budget or disrupting tenants.

The impacts of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are raging through the US economy, spiking gasoline prices, and accelerating already high prices for natural gas and electricity.

Couple this with more approaching energy code regulations for new and existing commercial properties, and it’s no wonder commercial building operators and owners are worried.

How to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and reduce costs without breaking the budget

In today’s pandemic economy, building owners, facility managers, and property managers already face unprecedented challenges in commercial property management trends. From the fast-changing regulatory environment to evolving workforce and office lease demands to the social pressure for sustainable environments – you have your hands full. Now you must also deal with an impending energy crisis simultaneously.

So how can you meet the multi-faceted demands of increasing energy efficiency in your commercial buildings without breaking the budget?

The Department of Energy (DOE) recommends building envelope improvements for existing buildings.

What are building envelope improvements?

The building envelope consists of all the elements of the outer shell that help control the indoor environment and facilitate its climate control. It is the separation between the conditioned and unconditioned spaces of a building and consists of its roof, windows, exterior doors, and casing.

Why focus on the building envelope instead of the HVAC for energy efficiency?

According to the report provided by the DOE, focusing on building envelope improvements first can help create a more efficient building by reducing the load on your HVAC, thus decreasing the HVAC requirements and providing more energy efficiency.

Building Envelope Improvements for Energy Efficiency | Epic Solar Control

Which building envelope improvements create the best ROI?

As part of the Energy Department’s study on innovative technologies that reduce energy consumption, insulating window film utilizing nano-to-micrometer technology help boost energy efficiency by as much as 80%, at a fraction of the cost for replacement windows.

Low E and insulating films from 3M provide the best combination of benefits, including blocking heat and retaining cool air in the summer months and warm air in winter months.

The low-cost, high reward window film solution enables building operators to dramatically improve energy efficiency with lower investment costs and minimal disruption to tenants. For this reason, insulating window films such as 3M’s commercial window film from Epic Solar Control earned a ranking as a top-tier technology with the highest probability of success.

Commercial window film increases energy efficiency, reduces costs, and more

Commercial window film installed by a premier 3M provider also offers building owners, property managers, and facility managers additional benefits, including;

  • Provides a faster payback on investment, generally within three years or less
  • Helps reduce carbon emissions and conform to advancing energy code regulations, with films becoming carbon negative in as short as six months from install
  • Keeps tenants comfortable by controlling and optimizing internal temperatures
  • Transparent window films such as 3M Thinsulate, Prestige provide energy efficiency and cost savings without changing the look of the building
  • Allows natural light in but blocks up to 78% of the sun’s heat- thus helping to reduce the need for electrical light sources
  • UV blocking technology blocks up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV radiation that causes damage to tenant’s skin, furnishings, and other interior surfaces
  • Helps building owners qualify for LEED credits and ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager score increases
  • Customizable tint colors help building owners modernize a building’s exterior appearance without lengthy and expensive remodels
  • Window film can be customized to provide added security and protection from forced entry and impact damage from high-force weather events
  • The installation time and the process is much shorter than other building rehabilitation or remodeling projects, saving time, money, and business disruptions

Ready to learn more about improving your building envelope with commercial window film?

Epic Solar can help! Let’s start with a complimentary energy audit to find out just how much we can improve your building’s energy efficiency, increase tenant comfort, and reduce your utility costs.

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