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Redirecting Film

Brighten your building — naturally.

Let there be light.


And lots of it - exactly where you need it.

3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film from Epic Solar Control is designed to redirect sunlight from windows deeper into buildings to increase natural light. Bringing natural light into your building provides many benefits for your tenants as well as reducing the need for artificial lighting — saving you money on energy costs.

Daylight Redirecting Film | Commercial Window Tinting | Epic Solar Control

A simple and
effective solution.

Increase natural light and comfort.

Compared to existing light-reflecting strategies, 3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film easily integrates into new or existing windows. It requires no extra hardware or infrastructure — and no additional maintenance or special cleaning. It’s also more cost-effective than many existing daylighting solutions.

  • Reduce glare and discomfort
  • Reflect natural light as far as 40 feet (12 meters) or more
  • Save up to 52% on lighting energy

The benefits are
far-reaching also.

Optimizing natural light creates a better environment for any business.

Buildings with abundant natural light:

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Boost retail sales
  • Decrease absenteeism rates
  • Improve student test scores
  • Improve patient recovery times

Recommended products for redirecting daylight:
Daylight Redirecting Film
Advanced lighting performance by increasing natural light deeper into rooms.

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Optimizing natural light is good for business.

Installing 3M Daylight Redirecting Film from Epic Solar Control provides a better experience for everyone.


  • Improve student test scores
  • Decrease rates of absenteeism
  • Keep students more comfortable so they can focus on schoolwork
  • Reduce energy costs

Office Buildings

  • Increase tenant comfort
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Decrease rates of absenteeism
  • Improve tenant retention
  • Reduce energy costsears


  • Increase customer comfort
  • Create brighter interiors
  • Boost retail sales
  • Enhance merchandising light

Energy Consultants

Conserve energy and save on heating and cooling costs year-round by reducing hot spots, rejecting solar heat, and reducing glare.


As you design and retrofit commercial space, 3M Window Films are a cost-effective way to help ensure tenant comfort and reduce building utility costs.


  • Increase guest comfort
  • Create brighter interiors
  • Reduce energy costs


  • Reduce your largest operating expense
  • Improve patient recovery times with natual light
  • Reduce need for artificial lighting and reduce energy costs


  • Improve tenant comfort
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Decrease rates of absenteeism
  • Reduce energy costs

What's your perfect shade?

Seeing is believing. Compare the look and amount of light allowed through different 3M™ Window Films from Epic Solar Control.
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Finding the right window film to fit your needs isn’t complicated when you have an expert in your corner. Epic Solar Control is a premiere 3M™ Authorized Dealer. And, we’ll help you select the energy saving window film that best fits your space and style.