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Opening new possibilities to the world of glass.

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3M™ Glass Fabricator Solutions

3M offers a range of innovative solutions for various types of glass including monolithic, laminated and insulated glass. Solutions offered can help provide energy savings, increase comfort, provide more natural light, increase privacy, improve safety, or add a decorative effect to glass. These solutions can be easily implemented into glazing systems.

3M™ Laminated Glass Films

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Enhance the look or performance of laminated glass with 3M laminated glass films.

  • Laminated glass films are inserted inside laminated glass
  • Films are compatible with various interlayer adhesives such as PVB
  • Easily processed in both autoclave or vacuum bag processes


3M™ Ultra-Clear Solar Film for Architectural Laminated Glass

This laminated glass film reduces solar heat with minimal reduction of visible light. The film is neutral in color and is printable for decorative options.

3M™ Dichroic Film for Laminated Glass

Provide the high-end, color changing effect of dichroic glass without the high-end cost. Our unique dichroic film comes in two color options: Gold-Blue and Copper-Bronze.

3M™ Surface Applied Films

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3M™ Safety and Security Films

Meet or exceed the performance of laminated glass without the added weight, cost or production time. 3M films help protect against the unexpected.

3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film

This daylighting product redirects natural light deep into building interior, reducing the need for artificial light while enhancing the natural feel of the space.

3M™ Decorative & Privacy Films

Transform standard glass to the look of etched, cut, sandblasted or other texturized glass patterns with these easily applied films.

3M™ Solar Control Films

Solar control films come in a variety of performance and aesthetic options including tinted, reflective and high clarity (VLT) as well as thermally insulating.

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