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Hurricane Impact Windows Company

Work with a leading hurricane impact windows company when considering replacement windows for your South Florida home. At High Service Glass of Florida, we sell impact-resistant windows that protect your home from hurricane-force winds and damaging storms. Compare our products and our prices with other products sold today and you’ll see why we are trusted as one of the most reputable companies in Miami.

What are Hurricane Impact Windows?

Standard glass windows can break during high winds and driving rains with hail; impact windows are designed and manufactured specifically to weather hurricanes and storms, so your home is well-protected, even during inclement weather. If you worry about your furnishings, carpeting, and building’s structure becoming damaged due to breaking windows, our hurricane impact window company can offer you peace of mind. We install the best impact windows on the market today- products designed to meet or exceed Florida storm codes.

What Do Impact Windows Look Like?

Unlike out-dated hurricane windows that only served to protect but offered little in the way of visual appeal, our products come in a wide range of options. South Florida homes are known for their beauty and architectural attractiveness, which is why our windows come in standard and enhanced styles:

  • Single-hung
  • Horizontal sliding
  • Awning
  • Picture
  • Casement

We’ll work closely with you to select the right products for your home or business- we want you to be 100% satisfied with the results you experience with our hurricane impact windows company. Reach out to us through our website if you have questions about our products or wish to schedule a meeting with our team. We highly recommend taking some time to research and compare our products with others being sold in South Florida, then selecting us only if it makes sense to your budget and as the right solution for achieving your objectives. Type our name into the World Wide Web to read our product reviews.

Let The Sun Shine In

You may envision impact windows as thick, stocky products that keep out driving winds, but that’s not the case at all. At High Service Glass of Florida, we install exquisite windows for maximum enjoyment of your outdoor spaces, whether you own a condo on the beach or live in a picturesque neighborhood. Our windows do not impede panoramic views or prevent the Florida sun from entering your home when you want to brighten things up inside. Feel free to visit our impact window section to learn more about the many benefits of installing high-impact storm windows.

What Makes Us the Best Hurricane Impact Windows Company?

We’re glad you asked! Our customers look to us for honest and straightforward business practices, affordable prices, and quality installations that bring their homes up to code. If your windows are out-dated, ill-performing, or anything less than visually attractive, we’d like to show you our products and make it easy for you to replace inefficient windows with storm protection windows that will allow you to sleep better at night during storm season.

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