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3M Window Tint

It’s no secret that heat retention and cooling costs are huge concerns these days. Especially in states like Texas, where it’s hot all the time, having some window tinting is almost necessary to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

There are many different types of window film available, but did you know that not all window tints are created equal? 3M Window Tint offers the following benefits over other types of window film and tinting products, making it an excellent choice to improve the insulation and appearance of your home.

What Is a 3M Window Tint?

3M Window Tint is a renowned window tint known for its strength and quality. Although these tints are lighter than most on the market, they do an exceptional job keeping the sun’s harmful rays away without making the interiors appear dark.

Advantages of 3M Window Films

Block the sun’s harmful rays: When you go outside in the sun, you are exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun, which are associated with 90% of cases of skin cancer. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends 3M window tints because they protect UV rays by up to 1000 SPF (Sun Protection Factor). When used properly, a layer of 3m film that covers your windows will block harmful UV rays while letting natural light shine through.

Reduce Heat: 3M window film effectively blocks out UV rays from reaching your home’s interior, which helps to keep your home cooler and saves energy. In fact, according to studies, homeowners with window tinting have a better comfort-to-cost ratio than those without it. Your home will feel far cooler and more comfortable with these tints since they reject almost 90% of the solar energy entering through the windows.

Increase Privacy and Clear Visibility: You can prevent prying eyes from seeing inside your home with 3M window tints. They come in various tint levels and block 95% of visible light.

3M tint helps eliminate glare without eliminating natural light; unlike curtains or blinds that must be closed during daytime hours, it will not obstruct your view.

Improves Security: The tinting adds another layer of protection to your home. The tinting holds shattered pieces of glass together, making it more challenging to break the window.

What is a Standard Tint?

This material comprises thin sheets (usually laminated or polyester) dyed to predefined shades. In addition to the dye, these sheets are also coated with a scratch-resistant layer.

Although it works well enough for everyday wear and tear, this coating is usually fragile when protecting against sharp objects and projectiles. Regular window tint is a good alternative if you are looking for something cheap. Their durability, however, is not as good as other sheets.

Are You Looking for a Window film dealer & installer or 3M safety and Security film installation in Texas?

We recommend having 3M Window films for safety installed on all of your windows. This film offers excellent protection from break-ins and intruders and gives you greater control over how much sunlight you let into your home. It’s a great choice no matter what climate you live in!

We offer competitive pricing for this high-quality product, along with a professional installation by our team of certified technicians. To learn more about the different options available for 3M Security window film installation or to schedule a consultation, please call Epic Solar Control today at 469-577-9933 or email to talk to a window tinting and installation expert. You can also view some of our products on our Facebook page.

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