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3M Security Film

3M security film

3M security films are becoming the first-choice window coverings among homeowners, and for a good reason too. The films are versatile, provide excellent insulation, and most importantly, strong enough to make it difficult for a burglar to break in. If you’ve been considering hiring a contractor for 3M safety and security film installation in Texas, but you’d like to know more about the films, you’ve come to the right place.

How Do 3M window Films for Safety Work?

3M safety films work just like the common automotive glasses. The molecules of the film are tightly bound together, which prevents the complete shattering of the glass on impact. Just like a windshield hit by a rock won’t completely fall apart, your glass windows would also remain firm when hit with a hard object.

It’s vital to emphasize that 3M security films aren’t impenetrable. They just make it much harder for burglars to gain entrance. That way, they’ll give you or your neighbors more time to alert the police or call for help. Another unique advantage you’ll enjoy from security window film installation is that they’re virtually undetectable. Thus, you’ll enjoy the security and insulation benefits without compromising the beautiful views.

Can I Install a 3M Security Film Myself?

Have you ever seen a badly installed window tint on a car? Well, that’s how your window is likely to look if you do not invite a window film dealer and installer for your security film installation. Hiring professional installers like Epic Solar Control puts your mind at ease and ensures you never have to worry about a botched installation.

Moreover, security window film installation goes beyond laying the screens on the glass panel. After installing the screens, you’ll still need to caulk the edges on your window along the inside. This would ensure the seal is weatherproof and prevents the seal from breaking if the frame is kicked. Caulking may be more complicated than installing the seal and you’re likely to need a professional at this point.

Are There Different Types of 3M Security Films?

Yes. There are different types of security films. The main ones include:

Safety Series: This offers a reasonable but less comprehensive coverage than the other types. You can pair it with a sun control film to reduce cooling costs during the summer months.

Ultra Series: The Ultra series offers a more comprehensive blast and impact protection. You will also have to combine it with a tinted film if you desire sun protection.

Ultra Prestige Series: Offers the most comprehensive 3M security film coverage, and it comes with sun protection.

Contact The Best Window Film Dealers and Installers in Texas

Are you interested in installing 3M window films for your residential or commercial building? Then, you should give us a call at Epic Solar Control. Our custom 3M Sun Control Night Vision Series promise heat rejection, enhanced privacy, and better views during the day and at night. Homeowners will enjoy 99% UV rejection and total energy savings of up to 72%.

What’s more? We also have numerous reliable window tinting and installation experts on our team, and you can trust us to provide expert advice on the best kind of window film for your building. So, reach out to us to ask for a quote or a free consultation, and we’ll be glad to discuss how we can help.

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